Contributor/Content Provider

Those who know WHAT to say.

Any staff member or student worker who:

(a) is sufficiently computer literate

(b) has had CMS training within the past year

(c) is designated to manage, create and/or update content for their department

Some writing experience and AP style knowledge preferred.


  • Attend CMS training annually.
  • Maintain overall responsibility for your site(s), including content, usability and accessibility.
  • Make sure content is something that would be beneficial to site visitors—is it really necessary?
  • Determine if content is for internal or external use (HSC website vs. Howdy)
  • Make sure information is presented in a concise manner. Is it easy for site visitors to scan?
  • Run spell check, check grammar, and get approval of content BEFORE placing into the CMS.
  • Make sure you do not copy and paste text directly from Word; use Notepad or Wordpad.
  • Create descriptive and meaningful links.
  • Select images, if appropriate, and make the proper size for the web, or consult your Webmaster for assistance; may want to use Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.
  • Place copy and pictures into the CMS, applying the proper headings and “alt tags” for images.
  • If some of the information can be found within our site or on another site, link to the appropriate pages.
  • Use tables only for displaying data, and use appropriate table headers.
  • Phase out PDFs and flipbooks. These are typically not accessible to those with disabilities.
  • Provide closed captioning (recommended) or “request transcript” link (required) for all posted videos. (Transcripts must contains descriptive information such as background noise, description of activities and similar information.)
  • Make sure everything is correct, then initiate the workflow by clicking SUBMIT, which sends pages along to your Approver/Publisher.
  • Check webpage(s) after publishing to make sure content, links, images, tables and videos appear as you had intended.

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