Before contacting your Webmaster about CMS questions, please check online training resources in the CMS section of the Help Desk Knowledge Base.

College of Dentistry
Art Upton, aupton@tamhsc.edu

School of Public Health
Stephen Arnold, sarnold@sph.tamhsc.edu

For all others, contact Jeremy Tarpley, tarpley@tamhsc.edu


During the course of creating web pages, you may need to contact a Communicator regarding content or a need for images.

College of Dentistry
LaDawn Brock, lbrock@tamhsc.edu

College of Medicine
Katie Hancock, khancock@medicine.tamhsc.edu

College of Nursing
Diane Oswald, oswald@tamhsc.edu

College of Pharmacy
Daniel Freeman, dfreeman@pharmacy.tamhsc.edu

School of Public Health
Rae Lynn Mitchell, rlmitchell@sph.tamhsc.edu

For all others, contact Holly Shive, hshive@tamhsc.edu