Basic Features Google Docs (GD) TAMHSC Cloud (TC) Explanation
Share files with external users yes yes Both allow sharing with links
Store files locally yes yes GD allows local file storage in Google Drive
Selectively sync files/folders no yes With TC, right-click for syncing options
Sync folders from desktop/laptop yes yes Both share through links
Sync any folder limited yes GD – folder to place items in; TC – right-click to sync instantly
Real-time collaboration yes limited GD – ideal for multi-user and concurrent collaboration; TC – best for one-to-one collaboration
File size limitations limited yes GD – file limitation information; TC – no limitations
File/folder structures limited yes GD – limited organization of files and folders
Desktop file sharing limited yes GD – have to upload to share; TC – share easily with a right-click
Mobile app yes yes Both have apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices
Mobile editing limited yes GD – may require additional app for editing; TC – edit through its mobile interface
Web interface yes yes GD – for viewing, editing and tracking changes; TC – for viewing and tracking changes
Web editing yes limited GD – may require additional app for editing; TC – edit through its interface
Authenticates with TAMHSC account yes yes TC – runs in the background on desktop/laptop; not necessary to login for a session every time you add or edit document content


Sharing Google Docs (GD) TAMHSC Cloud (TC)
Sharing individual files yes yes
Sharing folders yes yes
Emails to recipients of files/folders yes yes
Ability to share files/folders with others via links yes yes
Ability to password protect shared links no yes
Ability to restrict time limit on shared links no yes


Advanced Features Google Docs (GD) TAMHSC Cloud (TC) Explanation
Access to TAMHSC network shares no limited TC – iPad only at this time
Search feature on web interface yes no
Recover deleted items limited yes GD – has trash but once emptied, files are gone
Versioning/retention yes yes


Extras Google Docs (GD) TAMHSC Cloud (TC)
Hosted by TAMHSC no yes
Ability to have on-site storage no yes
Auditing features no yes