When You Start

Be sure to think about how you want folders organized. Organize assets so others can easily understand where they are placed. Use a dedicated folder for images, video and audio files.  Always create an images folder within your main folder so that you can keep things neat and tidy (you will be glad you did this when your project is completed).

Naming Conventions for Assets

System Name is the name seen in the web address. It should be lower case with no spaces, using a hyphen (-) instead of an underscore to separate names that contain more than one word.

Title is the name seen in the title bar of the internet browser, in the navigation box and on the top of the webpage.

Noteworthy points:

  1. Keep names short.
  2. If a page is the first in a new folder, you MUST call it “index.” Every folder must have a page called index for TAMHSC navigation to function properly.
  3. System Name should NOT have “.html” as their asset names, as the cms will add “.html” during the publishing process.

Other Tips

Do not copy and paste from Microsoft Word into the CMS WYSIWYG editor. Use WordPad/Notepad instead of Word when copying and pasting text into the WYSIWYG editor, as this prevents extra unnecessary code within the CMS and prevents many formatting errors.

Make image files as small as possible. Use a photo editor such as Adobe Photoshop to change your image to the appropriate size whenever possible. If you use Width/Height to make your images smaller, only enter the width. Height will be reduced proportionately.

When creating links, incomplete URLs (web addresses) will result in broken links on your site.
Good – https://www.tamhsc.edu
Bad – tamhsc.edu

Spell Check – Spell check will run automatically when you submit your page for publication. It’s easy to skip past this, please take time to make sure you don’t have any spelling errors.

Formatting – Use bold text to add emphasis. Do not use underlined text, as it signifies hyperlinks.

Each time you select SUBMIT and select the review and publish workflow, it creates work for additional people. Make sure your webpage is correct before doing so.

Resources for website contributors:

  1. Check online training resources; searchable on Help Desk Knowledge Base.
  2. Contact your component webmaster.
  3. Email web@tamhsc.edu.


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