What is a NetID?

Your NetID is a username you will use to log in to a variety of TAMU systems and services across campus. This username is completely separate from your TAMHSC login and will only be used when accessing TAMU resources like Gateway or the Software Store.

Faculty and Staff (this does not apply to Students) will need to claim their NetID upon employment with the HSC, and configure email forwarding to ensure they receive important emails from the Office of the President and other TAMU-wide communications. This page will walk you through the process of claiming your NetID and configuring forwarding to your HSC email.

How do I claim a NetID?

To claim a NetID, visit https://gateway.tamu.edu and click the link to “Claim Your NetID”. Enter your UIN and other personal information when prompted to confirm your identity.

When you have completed the setup process, login at https://gateway.tamu.edu to view your profile.

How do I configure forwarding from my @tamu.edu email address?

To ensure that you receive TAMU communications and alerts, you will need to login to Gateway and configure e-mail forwarding.

  1. First, login to Gateway.
  2. Once you are logged into the system, click “Email Settings”.
  3. On the Email Settings page, you will see a heading for “Email Forwarding” – click the “edit” button.
  4. Click on the radio button marked “forwarded to” and enter your full TAMHSC email address.
    Email address entry
  5. Hit Save!

Once that has saved, all emails sent to yournetID@tamu.edu will be forwarded to your TAMHSC email account.

Additionally, from this portal you can also sign up for some general-interest mailing lists as well. To sign up click on “Email Subscriptions” and check the box next to the lists you’d like to sign up for.

Mailing list checkboxes