Terms You Should Know

Asset: any entity within the CMS system that can be used to generate content. For example, a webpage, link or folder.

Dashboard: “Home page” of Cascade; a personalized dashboard showing messages, current workflows, assets checked out, and other general information.

“Add Content” Menu: located in the top global navigation bar; used to create new assets.

toolbar menu

Production Server: a web server that hosts the live websites such as tamhsc.edu, medicine.tamhsc.edu, etc.

Test Server: hosts our test websites such as test.tamhsc.edu, test.medicine.tamhsc.edu.   These sites are only available inside of the HSC network.

Publish: making web content available on the production and / or test server.

WYSIWYG editor: an acronym for “What You See Is What You Get.”

WYSIWYG is a misnomer, the editor allows for basic text formatting but is not useful for any layout or design work.  Contact the web team if you need help with layout or formatting, we’ll handle the html and css for you!

More information about the editor’s capabilities and functionality is available in Hannon Hill’s documentation.


Terminology is based on definitions provided by Hannon Hill, Inc.


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