Tables are used for displaying tabular data, for example, spreadsheet data that you would like to display on the web.

To create a new table, hover over the Table Builder option in the navigation and click on the Add New Table link.

Menu option for adding a table in WordPress 

Both the table name and description are required for TAMHSC websites. The description is helpful for users of screen readers and other assistive devices.

screenshot of the WordPress table builder


After you have created a table, it can be added to any page or blog post on your site.  Edit a page and then click on the icon pictured below.  This will open a dialog that will allow you to select the table you want to insert into the page.  After you have selected a table, WordPress will add a placeholder for the table similar to

Status Name from Banner Account is… in HSC-ID Additional Notes
Active Active
Active – not enrolled Active
Dropped for non-payment Inactive/disabled
Leave of Absence Active They are only allowed access to webmail, online resources (can’t log in to computers)
Unknown Inactive/disabled
Withdrawn Inactive/disabled
Inactive Inactive/disabled
Graduated Active for 60 days Expiration date set; they are also only allowed access to webmail, online resources (can’t log in to computers)
Inactive, Degree Candidate Active We assume that they become “graduated” at some point, so there are no restrictions here.

.  This code will be replaced with the actual table on the public view of your page.

Button for inserting a table in the wordpress editor 

Note, don’t use tables for changing the layout of your page. Doing so results in accessibility problems.  To change the layout of a page, contact the Web Team, we would love to help!


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