For paid faculty and staff HSC accounts will be created automatically via HSC-ID.  The authoritative source for faculty and staff information is the TAMU payroll system.

Accounts will be populated with name information, UIN, component, department, and manager.  In order to finalize the account, the HR Liaison and Manager will provide final approval and address information.

This is a two stage process.  Stage one the HR Liaison will complete the procedure below.  In stage two the Manager role will verify the account information in the same process.

Completing the account process:  HR Liaison & Manager

  • The HR Liaison will need to navigate to and enter their HSC credentials.
  • Click on Pending Request
      Account Creation Step 1
  • Select the new employee and the appropriate check box.

      Account Creation Step 2

  • Next navigate to the lower right corner, click on more to expand the options and select Additional information
      Account Creatin Step 3
  • From the popup windows assign the new employee’s Location and Room Number.  Edit the Department Name and Manager if necessary. 
  • Once complete click Apply
      Account Creation Step 4
    •    Finally, you may enter a Reason for approvals (not required) and click Save approvals.
      Account Creation Step 5
  • Once the HR Liaison and Manager have completed the pre-hire process; the new employee may contact the helpdesk to setup their HSC account password information.